Since our one year anniversary Blackwater and I have been talking about creating a VelocityCheats sponsored gaming community. We started with an idea to create a place where anyone, hacker or not, Velocity VIP or not, can gather and have fun with good people. Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work putting VCGaming together, and today we are announcing the public opening of VCGaming.

Running a gaming community is a job in itself, so we spoke with some long time Velocity members who were actually running a parallel course with our initial idea. The community is being headed up by Jimmydean, DirtySanchez and I. Blackwater will not take an active administrative role in VCGaming but may drop in from time to time for a game session.

Remember, this is not a Velocity VIP exclusive community. If we wanted to start an exclusive community we would have done it on VelocityCheats.