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Thread: Gaming Laptop

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    I got a Asus G53J and i love it. I got it from that site. I also put a 160gb SSD in it and its the shit

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    Buying laptops for gaming is stupid, if you atleast could uprade them I would consider buying one but I definetely dont wanna buy a new gaming laptop each year since the old one wont be able to keep up with the latest games anymore.

    On-topic: The 780DXR looks really good.

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    If you buy a good enough laptop you wont have to upgrade everyyear. If you get something with 2gig ddr5 or gddr5 you wont need to upgrade that really anytime soon. Even though its mobile graphics. As far as memory. If you get x16 gigs or x32 which i know you can. then there would be no need to upgrade that anytime soon. So then down to the processor. Well get a i7 then woooow who would of thought that that would last for atleast 4 years...

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    I also got a Asus G74SX....Love it, wouldn't want anything else. Highest specs for the best price I could find when I picked it up (when it was $1200 at best buy; not sure if they still are now). But I expect this laptop to last me a good 3-4 years, if not more.

    Best of luck to you, and I can do a bit more digging around if needed if you're not interested in the sx.

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