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    Battlefield 3 maps

    Battlefield 3 will feature 9 multiplayer maps across 5 game modes. Each map will support each game mode: Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Conquest and Conquest 64. On top of the 9 maps, there will be an additional 4 maps as part of the Back to Karkand expansion pack. Here’s the list of maps confirmed for Battlefield 3: Source: Battlefield 3 maps - Battlefield 3

    Operation Metro

    The first Battlefield 3 map to be showcased is Operation Metro, which was playable during E3 2011. The map is set in Paris, where the battlegrounds range from parks, to city streets, to underground subways. Source: Operation Metro - Battlefield 3

    Caspian Border

    Caspian Border is large, open Battlefield 3 maps with 64 player support and features both jets, helicopters, tanks, APCs and many other vehicles. Source: Caspian Border - Battlefield 3

    Operation Firestorm

    Operation Firestorm is a desert map set around an oil refinery. It features both jets, helicopters, tanks and more. Source: Operation Firestorm - Battlefield 3

    Grand Bazaar

    Grand Bazaar is an infantry-focused map with a dense urban setting. Source: Battlefield 3 Grand Bazaar - Battlefield 3

    Damavand Peak

    Damavand Peak is set around the snowy mountains of Damavand in Iran. Source: Battlefield 3 Damavand Peak - Battlefield 3

    Tehran Highway

    Tehran Highway is a nighttime map set in and around the capitol of Iran, Tehran. Source: Battlefield 3 Tehran Highway - Battlefield 3

    Kharg Island

    Kharg Island is based on the real-world island off the coast of Iran. Source: Battlefield 3 Kharg Island - Battlefield 3

    Seine Crossing

    Centered on a crossing of the famous French river Seine. Source: Battlefield 3 Seine Crossing - Battlefield 3

    Noshahr Canals

    Noshahr Canals is based on the Iranian province of Noshahr in northern Iran. Source: Battlefield 3 Noshahr Canals - Battlefield 3

    Gulf of Oman

    A Battlefield 2 remake, Gulf of Oman for Battlefield 3 will retain much of the same visual style and a very similar desert setting, with both urban areas and more wide-open spaces for tank and jet combat. Source: Battlefield 3 Gulf of Oman - Battlefield 3

    Sharqi Peninsula

    Sharqui Peninsula was a tight, urban map in Battlefield 2, and it looks to continue that style in Battlefield 3, set during the evening, which provided interesting and warm colors. Source: Battlefield 3 Sharqi Peninsula - Battlefield 3

    Wake Island

    Wake Island takes a big departure from the Battlefield 2 version. Instead of lush, tropical visuals, we get a more darker and gritty map which has been ravaged by war and combat. Source: Battlefield 3 Wake Island - Battlefield 3

    Strike at Karkand

    Strike at Karkand was a dusty, grim map in Battlefield 2 with low visibility and almost no colors besides khaki. The Battlefield 3 version is more colorful and lifelike. Source: Battlefield 3 Strike At Karkand - Battlefield 3

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    Played it last night/this morning midnight for about an hour... Pretty damn awesome so far.

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    Battlefield 3 maps

    Here I want you guys to share any tactics/weapons setup/epic kils/epic fails or anything about Battlefield 3 that you might know or experience

    Ill start with C4. its a versatile weapon. can kill people in many ways:-

    1C4 booby trap - setup C4 near objectivese.g near flag in conquest or MCOM in rush. Move away from objective-wait enemy to come and BOOM C4 blowingBest example lay C4s on top floor construction site in Sharqi peninsula conquest assault

    2C4 vehicle bait - setup C4 on parked vehicles.same like booby trap.wait for enemy to get inside then BOOM. make sure u dont move the vehicle.let it be in its original position or it blow itself if not occupied.Best Example is lay C4s on attack helicopter in wake island,flag B airfield conquest assault.

    3Fire from Above - dropping C4s from top floor/roof/crane to ground.good on small map or sometimes in big maps where people always cramp up in one place.Best example big map gulf on oman on top of crane/building at construction siteflag D conquest. small map at seine crossing flag Cforgot the name.drop C4 from the window or you can blow up the walls first to create more space.Also possible blow up tanks from the roof at operation firestorm.

    4Demolition - if u see/suspect someone camping inside a collapsible building.Instead of running them down with bullets/grenade, plant C4s on every walls of the building then BOOM building collapse.everyone inside died.EPIC KILL

    5C4 bombing run - this is for transport/scout helicopter. before getting inside,throw ammo box inside passenger seat. get into passenger not gunner.while flying,spam C4s to the ground. Just like a bomber plane

    6C4 jihad jeep - this is the infamous Al-qaeda style tactics. I believe many of you know this already. lay C4s on the jeeps boot. drive to unsuspected enemy preferably tanks, bail out and when the jeep reaches the target. BOOM I like to throw ammo box inside the jeep first so i can refill my C4 while driving.

    7C4 bombing while parachuting. Epic kills if you manage to pull it off.

    8Kamikaze jet hyper bomb - not sure how to call right. But if you want to add power/bigger blast radius, before you ride a jet. Lay C4s at the nose of the jet and hehe, you should know the rest, just like the jeep.

    9Boost up the power of claymore with C4 - if you see your team mate placing claymore,why not place C4 along with it.No worry triggering the C4 manually cause the claymore acts as the trigger.

    Ill add some more next time.Ngalih naip...

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